What Others Say About Jack

“He is, without question, a freak.”

“This guy is the toughest person I’ve ever met.  Not the toughest kid.   The toughest person full stop.  He is relentless.”

“Jack’s a quiet, shy kid who has nothing to be quiet or shy about.”

“Jack has left a long term legacy that will ripple out into the community and the nation for decades to come.”

“Jack Sinclair is not normal.  He’s a seeker of truth about himself.  He pushes himself to the limit to explore what’s there.”

“He is the ultimate role model……….”

“…….a young guy whose life is the epitome of leadership…”

“Jack is a very unique character amongst the Gen Y population.  He doesn’t aspire to stand out in the crowd.  His actions speak louder than words…”

“He has done things that have made a huge difference in the world, he has done things that have changed the lives of other people, what he’s done at the age of 18 shows that our possibilities are unlimited…”

“…..incredible goals over the years and met them each time with humility, quiet determination and true grit.”

“He shows how, at 18 yo, you can be an extraordinary human being and go out there and do amazing things with your life.”

“He might be a good athlete…..but I did the Gold Coast Marathon younger than him ;o).” Harry Sinclair, Brother