A Quick Thanks

by Jack on December 6, 2016

Well that was a bit of a gap between news!

I’m now a commercial pilot and working as a flying instructor in Brisbane, Queensland – loving every second of teaching students to fly.

I will not add much more to this site, but will leave it up in case anyone finds it useful.

Feel free to email me any questions about some of the adventures mentioned here and I’ll give you any help I can.




A Mention In The Best & Brightest

by Jack on December 9, 2013

I was a Finalist in the recent Pride of Australia Awards.  Didn’t win though ;o(

Have been a Finalist a couple of times now – maybe it’s 3rd time lucky??!

I also received a bit of a write up as one of Queensland’s 50 Best & Brightest.

My family were amused at that one – they say I’m not even the Best OR Brightest in my own family!

(Harsh, but probably true!)

I loved the photo they used – just had it post it up.

Queensland's Top 50 Best & Brightest

Queensland’s Top 50 Best & Brightest




Hello, the Gold Coast Bulletin magazine just did a profile feature article on me.

You can see it here as a PDF.

My Dad has been humming the theme to the Indiana Jones movies every time he sees me (the Bulletin describes me as a “modern-day Indiana Jones” – high praise indeed)!

The article in today’s newspaper


Awesome Trip To Tanzania

by Jack on February 18, 2013

I had an amazing time in Tanzania where I:

  • climbed to the top of Mount Kilimanjaro
  • taught at a primary school
  • worked in an orphanage
  • went on safari
  • did some weight training with the local kids (see the photo below)!

It was a very enriching experience and a wonderful country.

Kids in Moshi





All About The Sponsor

by Jack on September 8, 2012

Just stumbled on this photo taken on the West Coast on Tasmania when I was doing my solo run around.

My Uncle Bryan has a fitness business in Hobart and lent my mum their work car when mum drove up to the West Coast to make sure I could get to towns at the end of the day’s running – there’s hundreds of kilometres between towns and it would be difficult to survive a night in the wilderness.

Jack outside Waratah

Anyway, Uncle Bryan sent me this and was asking something about dents on the roof.  No idea what he’s talking about??!

This shot was to get publicity for his business! ;o)



Lots of Snow & Ice

by Jack on February 4, 2012

I’ve just finished an 11 day mountaineering course in New Zealand, climbing a few peaks and trekking on glaciers.

Managed to fit in a few days either side and went white water rafting, horse riding, kayaking and sailing.

Jack Sinclair - New Zealand Glacier

Me on the Tasman Glacier, NZ

I’m in Japan at the moment doing some skiing with my brother and sister.

We’ve come over to ski Japan and then take in the sites – we have Disneyland lined up, along with a Sumo Wrestle!

Ski Japan at Nozawa Onsen

Where I'm skiing in Japan - Nozawa Onsen

Climbing Mount Kilimanjaro In October

All this cold weather and altitude nis good for me – I’m heading to Tanzania in October to climb Mt Kilimanjaro, the highest mountain in Africa.





Met The Marathon Man!

by Jack on August 8, 2011

I ran the 42.2 km Brisbane Marathon yesterday with my brother Harry and our mate Harry (common name!).

At the end I had a chat with the legendary Marathon Man – Trent Morrow – who has run a staggering 40+ marathons in the last 40 months – including the 256km Marathon des Sables through the Sahara Desert in 2008 and the 90km Comrades Marathon in South Africa in 2010.

Jack Sinclair and Marathon Man

Me with the amazing Marathon Man!

Next up for Marathon Man is the 2011 Sahara Race – 250kms in 7 days – it’s one of the leading 4 Deserts racingtheplanet ultra-marathon adventure series.

And he runs for 2 reasons:

  • to raise money for Facing Africa
  • to encourage other people to run a marathon (Marathon Man says 99% of people could easily run a marathon)

So if you ever see Marathon Man at a running event, be sure to say “Hi” – he’s running for others and that’s a great, great thing.




Kokoda Challenge 2011 Finished

by Jack on July 17, 2011

Just finished leading a bunch of terrific young people from my old High School in the 96 km Kokoda Challenge.

Just finished the 96 km Kokoda Challenge here on the Gold Coast.

Schools teams have to have an adult leader with them – with teachers leading the other 2 teams, the school asked me to step in and lead a team of 4 boys.

We completed the Challenge in a little over 29 hours – amazing effort by the boys to finish, though we did have 2 unable to continue on after 50 km.

Thanks for my heart rate monitor mates at Aussie Fit for the usual great support.




I’ve just (yesterday at midday) finished my 1,200 km solo run around Tasmania to raise some money and awareness of Big brothers Big Sisters of Australia.

The Mercury (Hobart’s newspaper) ran a little story on me today here.

Jack Sinclair Runs Around Tasmania by tailored

Tasmania is amazingly beautiful – my favourite place was the West Coast – and I’d suggest everyone go for a holiday there!



P.S: Will pop up some photos when I have them.


yLead Speech Survey Draw

by Jack on November 24, 2010

I did a speech a few weeks back to 400 Grade 9 students at the yLead leadership day.

Thanks to those people who did the survey after to let me know how I did – 13 people did the survey and they all went in the draw to win an iPod Shuffle and a $50 iTunes Gift card.

The draw was done by my dog!

And the winner is…….watch the video below.

I’m Now Working

I’m taking a year to do a few things before I get into my aviation career.

I’m currently working for my dad on this cool bike storage web site.